Lawsuit Filed Against Owners of Disabled Adult Home

A family that lives next to a home for developmentally disabled adults has filed a lawsuit against the owner and caretakers of the home that accuses them of physically and verbally mistreating the residents.

The Wlody family is seeking $10 million in damages from Birch Family Services which bought and converted a unit attached to the Wlody's home in 2013. 

The lawsuit, filed in Queens Supreme Court claims that the Wlody's have heard and recorded staff members calling the disabled patients "savages and retards" as well as kicking, yanking, and threatening them.

The Wlody's told the New York Post that before they filed suit they contacted Birch managers and Assemblywoman Stacey Amato office but never received a response from either party.

A spokesperson for Birch said, "The actions recited are contrary to our core values and this is the first we are hearing of this. No one should be treated in the manner being reported. We have already taken immediate action. If these claims are true, further action will be taken because we do not tolerate such conduct. We have informed our State regulators so they can review the matter."

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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