Limo Involved in Crash that Killed 20 Failed Inspection

A limousine crash in Schoharie, New York that left 20 people dead should never have been on the road. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced during a Monday press conference that the vehicle failed inspection last month and the driver, Scott Lisinicchia, wasn't properly licensed to operate the limo.

"We don't yet know the cause of the accident—if it was a vehicle malfunction, if it was a driver malfunction, a driver error. That's part of the ongoing investigation between the NTSB and the State Police," Cuomo said.

Police said the 2001 Ford Excursion limo ran a stop sign on Saturday before the crash.  Eighteen people inside the vehicle were killed, along with two pedestrians. 


"It's one of the worst traffic accidents in the history of the state of New York. It is really tragic. It reminds us all that every day is precious," Cuomo said.

The limo is owned by Prestige Limousine.  The governor said a cease and desist order has been issued to stop it from operating until and investigation is complete.

"The owner of the company in my opinion, because there'll be legal consequences, but the owner of the company had no business putting a failed vehicle on the road," Cuomo said.

A vigil was held on Monday night to remember the victims.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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