Political Activists Want Cynthia Nixon for State Assembly

Cynthia Nixon may not be done with her political career whether she likes it or not. Nixon who was beaten handily in her democratic primary face off against Governor Cuomo has been championed by two political activists to take on incumbent Deborah Glick for State Assembly in the 66th district.

Activists Jim Fouratt and Arthur Schwartz told the New York Post that they will urge voters to vote for Cynthia Nixon because they believe current Assemblywoman Deborah Glick is no longer effective after 27 years in office. Fouratt added that he believes the Assembly would be a great place for Nixon to start her political career after losing her bid to unseat Cuomo.

Nixon, whose name still appears on the ballot under the Working Families Party due to New York election laws, said she will not actively campaign against Glick and has no interest in serving in the assembly.

Assemblywoman Glick released a statement that said she is not surprised that her critics are running someone against her because they've done it in the past.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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