De Blasio: Trump "Disgusting" for Mocking Sex Assault Victim

Mayor Bill de Blasio is blasting President Trump, after he seemed to mock a woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

"The President of the United States mocking a victim of sexual violence is disgusting and he’s done many things that do not mark him as a leader but this is one of the all-time lows," de Blasio said.

During a rally in Mississippi on Tuesday night, President Trump appeared to mock Christine Blasey Ford's Senate testimony, asking a series of questions to himself and then answering "I don't remember."  De Blasio said despite the president's comments, more people believe victims and survivors.

"It’s tragic that it has had to come out of some people’s pain but it is sparking a whole different national conversation and I don’t think the President’s disgusting comments will change that one bit," the mayor said.


Some critics have argued that President Trump's would make sexual assault victims less likely to come forward.  Police Commissioner James O'Neill said he hopes that's not the case.

"I think the work that we do with the advocates help us get that message out there – that we are looking for all victims of sexual assault to come forward so we give us the opportunity to stop it by investigating it," O'Neill said.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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