NYC Shelter Workers Face Dismissal Over Theft

Four female peace officers have been accused of stealing health and beauty products from the Tillary Street Women's Shelter in Brooklyn.

Pradeep Roy, Donna Valentine, Sequoya Zimmerman, and an unidentified woman were captured removing the items when the shelters program director Warren Wright reviewed the surveillance video.

One of the peace officers involved in the alleged theft released a statement in the New York Post saying a supervisor on duty at the shelter told the four women that the products were to be thrown out so they  took them instead of seeing them go to waste.

DHS spokesperson Isaac McGinn said, "This despicable act disrespects the very New Yorkers who these officers have sworn to protect and undermines the values that our peace officers uphold every day."  McGinn added, "There is absolutely no place for conduct like this in our shelters or in our city, and with our partners at the NYPD, these individuals will be held accountable."

New York Shelter peace officers earn between $32,000 and $51,000 per year.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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