Cuomo's Mini-Me Comment Angers Advocacy Group

Governor Cuomo has angered the dwarf advocacy group ‘Little People Of America' for referring to his Republican opponent Marc Molinaro as Trump's mini-me.

Mark Povinelli, president of the Little People of America, and members of the group say the term mini me is demeaning because it implies that a person's lack of physical stature would impair them from being a great political leader.  Povinelli, who is quoted in the Press-Republican newspaper said, "We would hope the discourse among politicians refrains from pointing out the physical characteristics of a person, no matter what they are, but especially when it's height-related." Povinelli added, "It feels like they are trying to equate his lack of skill at governing with his height. But there is no diminished skill if you have diminished height."

The Cuomo campaign has been referring to Molinaro as mini-me in an attempt to link him to the Trump administration which used the phrase ‘Little Marco' to insult Florida Senator Mario Rubio during the Republican presidential primaries.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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