Syria Rejects Brooklyn Man Who Wanted To Join ISIS

Failed Brooklyn terrorist Rasheedul Mowla was found guilty of conspiring to provide and attempting to provide material support and resources to ISIS.  Mowla who waived his Miranda rights, confessed to traveling to Syria with the intent of joining the terrorist group in June of 2017.

Court papers indicate that Mowla admitted that he was willing to fire weapons against others on the behalf of ISIS and planned to die on behalf of ISIS.

A five-page report that supported the arrest of the suspect stated that; Mowla knew ISIS was a terrorist organization, had previously heard reports on ISIS in the news, and knew ISIS members killed people and that ISIS committed terrorist attacks.

FBI Agent Elizabeth Miller of the New York Joint Terrorist Task Force released a statement to the New York Daily News that read, Mowla, after being arrested at JFK airport on August 29th of 2017 admitted that he had lied about traveling to Saudi Arabia to celebrate Islamic religious holidays with friends and instead tried to gain entrance into Syria to join up with ISIS.

Mowla refused to comment on why he was not accepted to the terrorist organization.

Photo Credit: Getty images

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