Teacher Sues Over Alleged Student Abuse

When Aida Sehic emigrated from war-torn Bosnia to New York in order to fulfill her dream of teaching in school, she never dreamed how dangerous and disrespectful students could be.

In court papers filed by Sehic, the 48-year-old teacher claims that she has suffered numerous verbal and physical attacks that have left her with a broken nose, a pencil stab wound, unwanted sexual advances, and the target of profanity-laced diatribes.

Sehic, who has been a teacher in the NYC school system since 1999, filed the lawsuit against the NYC Department Of Education as well as the teachers union, after all of her pleas for help went unanswered. 

Sehic said she talked with school administrators, the teachers union, and members of the NYPD about the unruly students but none of them offered any help. Sehic said on one occasion she threatened to contact an unruly kid's parent, to which the kid replied, "When my mom comes in tomorrow she'll deck you." 

Sehic who is quoted in the New York Post said, "Some kids want to learn but there were those who wouldn't let them."  

She added, "It was a horrible, toxic situation that was in some ways worse than the war because she has no extended family to turn to."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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