Alleged Gunman Booked in Pizza Delivery Man Murder

Members of the NYPD Warrants Squad arrested a suspect tied to the murder of a Papa John's pizza delivery man. 

Luis Jamie of Harlem, NY, faces murder charges as well as assault, menacing, and weapon possession charges after he was identified as the shooter of Jose Alvarado. The surveillance video of the crime allegedly shows Alvarado pull up to the Amsterdam Avenue Papa John's at West 145th Street on his bicycle. As he swings his leg over the bike, a figure appears out of an alley lifts his arm into a shooting position and seconds later Alvarado falls to the ground.

Police reports indicate that Jose Alvarado and Luis Jamie were involved in a dispute that led to the murder but they are still investigating the reason behind the killing. Alvarado was rushed to Harlem Hospital where he later died from his injury.

The victim's sister Carmen Alvarado told the New York Daily News that her brother wasn't a street guy. 

"Why did the killer take my brother's life away?" She asked. "He was a wonderful brother and a hardworking man."

Jose Alvarado's body will be flown to the Dominican Republic for burial.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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