NYCHA Spills the Beans On Throggs Neck Houses

A town hall meeting held by NYCHA finally spilled the dirty details of the alleged misdeeds that took place at the Throggs Neck Houses.

Eighty residents of the Throggs Neck Houses filled the meeting room and demanded the truth about their decrepit living conditions that allegedly included crazy sex orgies. 

"I want people to be held accountable, so it sends a message that this behavior won't be tolerated," said Monique Johnson, who heads the development's tenant association. 

"I do not have a problem with orgies. I had a problem with work not being done," she added, to laughs. "I'm not a hater." 

Forty employees of the NYCHA-run Throggs Neck Houses were transferred to other facilities after allegations of all-night sex parties and misconduct came to light. 

Other political figures from the area also attended the meeting including Bronx State Senator Jeff Klein, City Councilman Mark Gjonaj, and Assemblyman Michael Benedetto.Senator 

Jeff Klein who was quoted in the New York Post said, "NYCHA is the worst landlord in the city of New York." 

He added: "If a private landlord ever managed their property and exposed their residents to lead, mold and leaky roofs, that landlord would have handcuffs on them and be hauled to jail."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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