Police Hunt for Clues in Unprovoked Attack

Two men were senselessly attacked by a group of men early Sunday morning as they sat on the stoop of their Brooklyn home.

The victims, 24-year-old Jose Juarez and a 22-year-old man who chose not to give his name were relaxing on the steps to their home on 60th Street near 4th Avenue in Sunset Park when a group of six came out of the dark and beat them with baseball bats, wooden sticks and glass bottles.

According to police records, both victims claimed to have no gang affiliation and did not recognize any of the assailants. 

"I was just sitting in front of my house and they came out of nowhere and just hit me," said Jose Juarez to the New York Post. "I felt my hand swelling up and I couldn't move, so I just stood there bleeding."

Both men were taken to NYU Langone Hospital- Brooklyn, to have their wounds cleaned and stitched up. The NYPD has not made any arrests, but the investigation continues as video surveillance cameras in the area of the attack are being checked.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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