Army Veteran Arrested by U.S. Park Police

U.S. Army veteran Jessie Hospedales was arrested after U.S. Parks Police spotted him placing live rounds of ammunition around Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island. 

When Park Police officers confronted Hospedales he was neatly placing shotgun and rifle shells on the ground near the one-time military base. The officers inquired what the man was doing to which Hospedales replied, "I have guns in the car too, go ahead and check".The Park Police searched the car and found 2 handguns, a rifle, and a loaded Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun on the passenger seat.

After a quick background check, the officers found that the weapons were all legally purchased in Hospedales home state of North Carolina, but he did not have a license for them in New York.

The New York Daily News reports that Hospedales could not explain why he was placing ammunition around the Fort and according to Park Police sources, the solider may be emotionally disturbed.

Hospedales is being held on $100,000 bond after being arraigned in Staten Island criminal court on numerous weapon charges.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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