NYC Transit President Calls for Body Cameras

NYC Transit President Andy Byford is pushing for a pilot program to equip some of the MTA’s subway conductors with body cameras after a weekend assault.

Video posted online shows two suspects attacking a subway conductor early Sunday morning at the Grant Avenue station in Brooklyn.  The man and woman were upset because the train was running express and was going to skip their stop.

“It was shocking to me.  I would go further to say it was disgusting, it was appalling when I saw that footage just the other day,” Byford said.

The NYC Transit President was joined at a Tuesday press conference by union president Tony Utano to condemn the attack.  Byford said he understands the frustration of delays, but that doesn’t excuse the behavior of the two suspects.

He’s now pushing for a pilot program that would give body cameras to some conductors.

“It’s a sad state of affairs that we have to provide transit workers, people who are just doing their job trying to get New Yorkers from A to B, that we even have to consider such an option,” Byford said.

The two suspects remain on the loose.

Warning:  Video Contains Graphic Language

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