Commuter Clings to Subway Doors for Ride Through Brooklyn

A daredevil commuter clung to the door of a moving C train Friday morning to get between the Clinton-Washington Ave. and Lafayette Ave. stops in Brooklyn.

Subway riders taking a more conventional commute inside the train (with the exception of one oblivious rider) looked on in a mixture of shock and hope that the man would make it to his intended destination quickly and in one piece.

Instagram user Matt Beary took video of the bizarre incident and shared it via his account. The video shows the unidentified man holding onto a space above the doors of the train as it sped between stations. 

"It looked like something he had done before because he was so confident," Beary told the New York Daily News

Fortunately, riders were spared the trouble of witnessing the man's gruesome demise, as he hopped off the train at Lafayette Avenue. 

The MTA says the behavior in question is called skylarking. The agency says 15 people have died skylarking or subway surfing (a different thing) since 1989, according to records.   

You can watch Beary's shocking footage below.

Photo: Instagram / MattBeary



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