Another Hot Day in the Tri-State Area

A heat wave continues in the tri-state area, with Tuesday’s high reaching 90 degrees.

It will feel like it’s over 100, with a heat advisory in effect until 9 p.m. on Tuesday night.  It’s the fifth straight day of brutal temperatures.

The Fourth of July brings a little relief on Wednesday, with temperatures dipping into the 80's.  In Point Pleasant, New Jersey, there's concern that the holiday falling in the middle of the week could mean a down year for Fourth of July business.

"It's causing a lot of confusion.  People don't know what to do, set up everything for the holiday - either the weekend before or the weekend after," one man told WOR's Alice Stockton-Rossini.


Other say having the Fourth of July holiday on a Wednesday is good news, because their employer gives them either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday off as well, giving them an extra long weekend.

Public pools and cooling centers will be open again in the city.

Photo Credit:  Alice Stockton-Rossini


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