Woman Sues MTA Because Her Apartment Shakes, Rattles and Rolls

Rachel Klein is suing the MTA for $1.75 million because her Upper East Side apartment makes funny noises and vibrates. 

Klein claims that the escalators in the East 72nd street subway cause her $365,000 Lenox Hill co-op to pulsate, reverberate, and vibrate. Klein said the shaking and noises started just a few weeks after the 2nd Avenue subway opened in January of 2017.

The lawsuit reads, "Upon information and belief, and as a result of NYCTA's negligent and careless construction, design, maintenance, operation, conduct and control of the 72nd Street Station, in particularly and specifically the escalators and/or machinery associated with such escalators and their operation, the vibrations and noises are reverberating in, and being transferred to the building and through the walls and floors of the apartment." 

Klein also added the vibrations and noises interfere with her ability to sleep throughout the night.

According to an article published in the New York Daily News, Klein claims the MTA conducted tests in her apartment but haven't fixed anything.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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