Head of NYC Tenants Political Action Committee Is Being Sued

Michael McKee, the head of the Tenants Political Action Committee, is being sued for 20 million dollars in a defamation suit filed by the Rent Stabilization Association.

The Rent Stabilization Association brought litigation against McKee over remarks he made to City Council members during a May 8, 2010, hearing about rent-regulation legislation pending in Albany. 

McKee claimed the 25,000 New York City landlords represented by The Rent Stabilization Association bribed three Democratic senators and promised them $150,000 in campaign funds if they would vote against two of the Tenants Political Action Committees bills that came to the floor. 

According to court records, McKee also said all three senators voted against [one of the bills]…and the Rent Stabilization Association did indeed follow through on that pledge to give them $150,000 each.

The lawsuit claims McKee's statements are false and the accusation of illegal activities has damaged the reputation of the Rent Stabilization Association.

An article published in the New York Post claims McKee is standing by his remarks and is ready to go to court.  

"I say bring it on," McKee said. "It will be a very interesting lawsuit to play out in court."

Of the three senators accused of taking bribes in 2010, only Senator Valesky remains in office. 

Barbara Brancaccio, a spokesperson for Valesky said, "Campaign contributions have never influenced Senator Valesky's policy decisions."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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