Synthetic Pot Still Torments Brooklyn Neighborhood

A video shot by commuters waiting on the Myrtle Avenue and Broadway subway station platform show's two men intoxicated from smoking the synthetic marijuana know as K2. One of the men shown in the video is passed out on the platform the other can be seen lying on the subway track with his legs sprawled near the 3rd rail.

Bystanders can be heard yelling at the man lying on the tracks, telling him not to move because help is on the way. The man, who filmed the scene Taiberious Carr, put the video up on his Facebook page with the statement. “For those of you saying jump in and help I damn sure aint no paramedic but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the man on the track was electrocuted.”

The Brooklyn subway stop has become a favorite smoking place for the dozens of habitual users who populate the neighborhood. 

A woman who wished to remain anonymous said, "You see people on K2 passed out every day in this subway station. They smoke it and turn into zombies.  

Another witness said, "The people who smoke that stuff are always passed out on the sidewalk outside of the deli where they buy it. Last week a couple dozen people O.D'd on the stuff and were treated by EMT's."

An article published in the New York Post did not divulge the condition of the two men.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Video Contains Graphic Content

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