Plea Agreement Reached In 'Cruel And Cowardly' Attack

Twenty-four-year-old Daquan King of Brooklyn agreed to plead guilty to charges of second-degree assault in exchange for a five and a half year prison sentence rather than face 15 years in prison for savagely beating a drunken homeless man while broadcasting it on Facebook live.

King and his attorney agreed to settle the March 2017 assault case by accepting the plea agreement earlier this morning in Brooklyn Federal Court. 

King took money from the victim's pocket, tossed it on the floor, and locked the man inside of an elevator, court papers say. After the victim was let out of the elevator King pulled him to the floor, hit him, dragged and kicked him down the stairs as his friends looked on and laughed.

The most vicious part of the Facebook live broadcast showed King kicking the intoxicated man down 15 stairs where he was found unconscious and badly bleeding.

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez described the incident in the New York Post as a ‘cruel and cowardly attack' that was ‘sickening and shameful.'

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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