NJ State Police Save Woman On Turnpike

An unidentified 56-year-old woman is alive today thanks to the actions of three heroic New Jersey State Troopers. Officers Kevin Scherba, Michael Stansfield, and John Walsh found the incapacitated woman pulled over on the side of the New Jersey Turnpike in Secaucus, New Jersey.

When the troopers approached the still idling car they found the woman slumped over the steering wheel. The woman was not breathing and had no pulse when the officers pulled her from her car and began CPR.  Dash-cam footage from a troopers car shows the 3 officers carrying the woman to the grassy area off to the side of the turnpike where they began chest compressions and rescue procedures until the woman started to breathe on her own.  As the dash-cam continued to film the rescue, EMT's arrived on the scene and stabilized the woman before transporting her to Hudson County Medical Center.

A report filed by the State Troopers commanding officer explains the situation the 3 troopers came upon in this way,  a woman was found in the throes of a medical episode that left her with no pulse and unresponsive. The troopers pulled the unconscious woman from the vehicle and began lifesaving procedures.  The woman was stabilized and transported to a local hospital.

According to a story published on MSN.com, the woman was released from the hospital today.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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