Body Cam Footage of Wildwood Arrest Released

Police in Wildwood have released body camera footage of officers arresting a 20-year-old woman on the beach.

A separate video of the incident went viral over the weekend showing an officer hitting Emily Weinman.  This new video shows her cursing at the cops, resisting arrest and even spitting at them.  It’s also alleged that Weinman kicked one of the officers in the groin, although that isn’t seen on the video.

"This matter is still under investigation, however, in an effort to insure transparency with the public we serve, it was imperative that this video be released as soon as feasibly possible,” police said in a statement.

The officers initially approached Weinman for drinking on the beach.  The incident escalated after she refused to give her last name and the officers attempted to put her in handcuffs.


In a statement, Police Chief Robert Regalbuto said the officers were only going to ask Weinman to pour out the alcohol and weren’t going to issue a violation.

At one point, Regalbuto said one of the officers was struck in the torso, causing the body camera to turn off.  Police released three body camera videos of the incident, totaling about 9 minutes.

“Upon the conclusion of the investigation in the coming days, and only after final review by the Cape May County Prosecutors Office, the Wildwood Police Department will release the findings and outcome of the investigation,” police said in a statement.


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