Woman Sues Uber For Death Of Suitcase

Daniella Zakarya is suing Uber for $25,000 dollars after her driver accidentally left a suitcase containing her best jewelry and designer clothes on the sidewalk while dropping off another customer.

Ms. Zakarya noticed the suitcase was missing when she and the driver reached her apartment and began to unpack the trunk. When Ms. Zakarya questioned the driver he said he must have left the luggage on the sidewalk at the last house they stopped at 3 blocks away. By the time Ms. Zakarya and the Uber driver got back to the suitcase, the woman's possessions were ruined and scattered all over the street. 

Ms. Zakarya was quoted in an article printed in the New York Post saying, "My suitcase was ripped 5 different ways, and it must have been run over by multiple cars and trucks." 

Ms. Zakarya's lawyer Mark Shrian said they have repeatedly complained to Uber about the loss, but the company has only agreed to refund Ms. Zakarya her 60 dollar fee for the ride from the airport. 

Zakarya said she was returning from her cousins' wedding in Mexico and she had packed every nice thing she had owned to attend the wedding.

The suitcase was said to contain a Hermes dress, Dior sunglasses, and Alexander Wang heels.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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