Governor Andrew Cuomo and D.A. Cy Vance Make Peace

Governor Andrew Cuomo and Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance are burying the hatchet after a war of words earlier this week.

Cuomo appointed a special prosecutor to investigate abuse allegations against former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.  He said Vance had a conflict of interest because Schneiderman was investigating the D.A.’s office for its handling of the Harvey Weinstein case.  Vance initially objected to the move, but now says he understands the governor’s decision.

“We're all going to work together and we're going to do it thoughtfully and we're going to do it collectively and we're going to do it with the best interests of the survivors in mind,” Vance said.

Schneiderman resigned earlier this week after four women came forward in an article for the New Yorker claiming they were physically abused by the former Attorney General.


“First we want the people of this state to know that no one is above the law and the law will be justly and swiftly prosecuted. Whether you're the Attorney General, whether you're the head of a large corporate, whether you're a media big shot - it does not matter. The law is the law and everyone is subject to the law,” Cuomo said.

Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas has been named the special prosecutor.

“We will listen to anyone who comes into the office to talk to us about victimization. We will gather the evidence that is necessary. We will analyze that evidence. We will analyze the laws of New York State to see when we can bring charges, if we can bring charges. We will treat this case the same way as we do all cases,” Singas said.

Source:  The New Yorker

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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