DWI And Drug Charges Brought Against FDNY Big Wig

Steve Cassidy, the Vice Chair of the FDNY pension fund, was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine and DWI last night when the car he was driving jumped the curb at 7th Avenue near 30th street and nearly mowed down two people on the sidewalk.

Several witnesses say that Cassidy rolled out of the car and tried to flee the scene before two men held him and waited for the police to arrive.

Jakob Grabel who watched the crime unfold said Cassidy fell out of his car and started, "mumbling gibberish." Mr. Grable told the New York Daily News that Cassidy was acting "bewildered and out of it" before he identified himself as a Fire Marshall to the men who were holding him.

When the cops arrived they searched Cassidy and the city-owned car he was driving and found that he had an envelope filled with cocaine in his wallet. While the police questioned Cassidy, he could be seen stumbling and being held up by the officers. 

Cassidy was named one of New York's 100 most powerful people by City and State in 2016. Mr. Cassidy is being held in Manhattan and will be arraigned later today in criminal court for DWI and drug charges.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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