Parking Violators Have A New Friend In City Hall

The New York City government has created a new position and hired a new employee to handle the thousands of complaints from people who are ‘unfairly' issued parking violations. The title of the new position is Parking Summons Advocate.

The $120,000 dollar a year job was awarded to Jean Wesh, who was formerly with New York City's Office of Administration Trials and Hearings. 

Mr. Wesh's main concern will be settling disputes between the city's much-maligned parking department and the public. The city will also add a parking problem hotline for people to voice their complaints within the next few months.

Wesh believes that his years of experience in the courtroom will serve him well when dealing with angry violation recipients.

The new position created by the de Blasio administration will bring the city's workforce number up to 330,818. An article published in the New York Post says Mayor de Blasio's office has a history of creating singularly specific jobs in an attempt to better serve the public.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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