State Fire Marshal Investigates Albany Smoking Dispute

A New York State Fire Marshall was called in to check on a cigarette smoking complaint in Albany's Legislative Office Building.The source of the complaint is unknown, but 6th-floor neighbors of Senator Jeff Klein's office have complained to the Office Of General Services that they often smell cigarette smoke near the Senator's office.

The Office of General Services spokeswoman Heather Groll said her office has investigated the complaints about the cigarette smoke, and they are aware that Senator Klein is a smoker. Groll said, "We will take appropriate action as necessary if we find the complaints have merit."  Ms. Groll would not confirm if Senator Klein's office was the only office on the floor being investigated.

Senator Klein shares the 6th floor with Brooklyn Democratic Senator Kevin Parker and Queens Democratic Senator Leroy Comrie. Both offices denied calling in a complaint.

Barbara Brancaccio from Senator Klein's office issued a statement that read: Senator Klein does not smoke in his office.

According to an article published in the New York Daily News, smoking in a public building violates the state indoor clean air act and can carry a $2,000 dollar fine per violation.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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