Brooklyn Man Accused of Killing His Father With a Tactical Knife

Tyemear Jones is being held at the 63rd precinct on murder and weapons charges after his grandmother found the nearly decapitated body of his father, Troy Jones, Sunday morning.

When police arrived on the scene they found the body of Troy Jones on a living room couch with a gaping knife wound to his neck. A source from the police department said it looks like the suspect tried to decapitate the victim.

The elderly grandmother told police that she had no idea what had taken place the night before. When she went to bed the two men were sitting quietly watching television together. She did tell the police that Tyemear and his father Troy fought often.

Neighbors told police Tyemear frequently hung out with friends in New Jersey, and they saw him get into a cab that night.

Jones had fled to New Jersey and was arrested for theft of services after he tried to flee the taxi without paying. Jones was arrested and given a desk appearance ticket then released.

When the NYPD was alerted to the arrest of Jones they met the New Jersey police at the address he had given and arrested him.

An article published in the New York Post said the police found a bloody "heavy duty tactical knife" on Jones at the time of his arrest. Tyemear Jones was returned to NYC and is in jail waiting for his hearing.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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