Murray Hill Doctor Busted In Drug Sting

The NYPD's Criminal Enterprise Investigations Unit arrested Dr. Joseph Olivieri and his assistant Shakuntala Mahadeo for illegally selling prescription steroids out of their Murry Hill office after a month-long undercover operation discovered the doctor was willing to sell illegal drugs for cash.

Doctor Olivieri, who specializes in treating HIV positive patients, was accused of conspiring to distribute controlled substances after an undercover officer who claimed to be HIV positive paid cash for drugs several times, including the day of the raid.

The officer was allowed to purchase the illegal drugs after he agreed to take a blood test, even though the test showed that he was not infected with the HIV virus.

During testimony in Manhattan Federal Court, the undercover officer said when he showed up at the doctor's office with the negative test results he was written a prescription to illegally purchase the drugs anyway.  The officer told the court that the doctor instructed his assistant to help him because "he was very nice" and he "was not trying to pull anything."

 An article published in the New York Daily News,  stated that Doctor Oliviero was barred from prescribing prescription drugs and released on a $125,000 bond.  

Oliviero's lawyer requested the judge change his ruling and allow the doctor to prescribe drugs that are not controlled substances. The judge did not immediately rule on the lawyer's request but ordered the court to reconvene on Thursday for a decision.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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