City Council Tries To Level The Playing Field Between Uber, Lyft, and Cabs

The New York City Council is holding hearings this week on ways to control the continual growth of ride-sharing cars competing for your transportation dollars.

The council is trying to hammer out a deal that would level the playing field between yellow cabs, green cabs, and ride-sharing vehicles.  Currently, services like Lyft and Uber operate without any city-imposed regulations providing what many believe is an unfair advantage.

Mayor Bill de Blasio wanted to limit the number of app-based car services in 2015 but decided to shelve the plan after his administration took heat from legislators and influential ride sharing executives.

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson took part of the blame for the outrageous influx of vehicles that have clogged the streets of New York City saying, "I'll give myself some demerits for not understanding the depth of this and grasping the issues that we would come to face over three years ago. I was skeptical at the time. I didn't sign on as a sponsor of the bill. And in hindsight, given what we've seen and the explosive growth of this industry and how it's affected the street of New York we should have done more."

City Council Speaker Johnson was also quoted in the New York Post saying, "I want to give the mayor credit for actually proposing this back then. I think we'd be in a better place if we had acted on his bill.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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