Baby Born in the Back Seat of an Uber

Sai Lakshmi Karthik entered the world to the sound of blaring horns and rush hour traffic when she was born in an Uber stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel yesterday morning.

The newborn's mother and father called for an Uber after Ms. Senthil started to feel labor pains at 6:30 a.m. The couple left their Jersey City apartment and ordered the Uber driver to take them to a Midtown Manhattan hospital. As they drove down the helix and approached the entrance of the tunnel Ms. Senthil's water broke and she yelled: "I felt the head come out, the baby is coming now."

While mom and dad were busy tending to the premature birth, the Uber driver jumped out of the car and enlisted the help of Port Authority Police Officers Krystal Armenti, Catherine Connant and Dana Fuller.

The mother, father, and newborn child never made it to Manhattan. After the mother and child were stabilized they were taken by ambulance to Hoboken University Medical Center.

Ms. Senthil told the NY Post that she couldn't believe her baby was born in an Uber. Ms. Senthil, when asked about her odd delivery said, "I was in severe pain, but it happened so quickly I can't explain it. 

The new mother added, "As long as the baby is good, I'm good."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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