Shaken Baby Syndrome Claims Brooklyn Toddler

Shatwaun Gilmore has been charged with assault and child endangerment after he allegedly shook his 6-month-old child to death while watching him in their Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment building earlier this week.

According to the dead child's grandmother, Gilmore greeted her at the door and said something is wrong with Gianni. After checking on the child and finding faint signs of life the grandmother asked if the Gilmore had called 911, the man answered no.

After 911 was called the child's uncle came into the home and started CPR on the infant until EMT's arrived on the scene. First responders rushed the child to NYU Langone Medical Center / Tisch Hospital where the child was pronounced brain dead. Police reports indicate that the child showed symptoms similar to shaken baby syndrome.

When police first question Shatwaun Gilmore about the incident he attempted to blame the crime on the child's 22-year-old mother but after further investigation and questioning witnesses in the building, the police concluded that the infant's mother was not home at the time of the crime.

NYPD records show that the police had been called to the apartment once before on a domestic violence call.

The Administration of Children's Services told the New York Daily News that they do not have a history with the family.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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