Bernie Sanders Not Interested in Gov. Cuomo, Cynthia Nixon Race...Yet

Cynthia Nixon and the progressive liberal movement she's bringing to the New York governors Democratic race may have momentarily lost traction when a top-tier member of Sen. Bernie Sanders team said the popular senator will not get involved in the actor's attempt to unseat Governor Andrew Cuomo.

That is at least until Sanders sees the race tighten as election day draws nearer.

The Sanders insider said that the Senator's main focus at this time is ensuring that the Democrats take as many seats in the house and senate as possible this coming November saying, "The focus is on defeating the Republicans and beating back the far right agents of Trump."

Even though both Cuomo and Nixon backed Hillary Clinton in the latest Presidential election, a Cuomo spokesperson said the governor and Sen. Sanders are in lock-step when it comes to the progressive movement. 

According to an article published in The New York Daily News, Nixon attended a progressive candidate training session in Washington D.C. where she met with Nina Turner and James Zogby of the "Our Revolution" organization, which is associated with New York Progressive Action Network.

Nomiki Konst, a progressive activist who attended the Nixon training session in D.C. said, "The energy in the room was electric-the national progressive community is clearly inspired by the candidacy and platform our fellow progressive activist sister."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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