Newly Built Area Of Penn Station Is In Disrepair

The 10-month old, $300-million dollar West End Concourse at Penn Station is already showing signs of faulty construction. Cracked floors and leaky ceiling having been seen popping up since the string of Nor'easter pounded the area last month.

The majority of the problems appear to be cosmetic but rain collecting buckets and brown ceiling tiles are visible in many areas of the expanded transportation hub. The Empire State Development Corporation is aware of the problems and admits that the bad weather has caused damage near the meeting point of the old and new Penn Station concourses. 

Standing puddles of water surrounded by orange safety cones have drawn the ire of commuters like John Reyes from Jamaica Queens. Mr. Reyes speculated that the new section of the iconic structure was "probably built with cheap materials, by cheap laborers." Reyes continued, "Most of the new construction looks good now but give it a few months."

Penn Station which has become a favorite loitering destination for the homeless population of NYC is no stranger to construction woes. The main level has numerous stores and bathrooms closed for remolding up-grades.

An article in the New York Post claims the construction problems are superficial and no commuters were impacted by the damaged areas.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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