Boxer Gets Knocked Out While Wearing Border Wall Trunks

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Incredible! Last night, Rod Salka, pictured left, wore those trunks. The trunks resembled a wall, marked with the words America 1st. On the right, Francisco Vargas is a Mexican boxer. Vargas went on to defeat Rod Salka after 6 rounds. #mexico #usa #boxing #rodsalka #franciscovargas #sports #news

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American boxer Rod Salka and Mexican boxer Francisco Vargas lit the internet on fire when Salka entered the ring wearing “America 1st” shorts.

Clearly Salka was trying to make a political statement about the border wall. He was then knocked out by Mexican born boxer Vargas who said in an interview with ESPN Deportes “I was surprised when (Salka) was coming to the ring. I saw him dressed with a wall on his clothes, or representing the wall, but I kept calm.”

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