Rally at City Hall for Half-Priced Metro Cards

A rally will take place at City Hall on Wednesday calling for half-priced Metro Cards.

City Council Speaker Cory Johnson wants the city to pay the $212 million annual cost to benefit low-income New Yorkers.  About 800,000 people who live at or below the poverty line could receive the reduced fare cards.

However, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city can’t afford it because of action taken in the state budget.

So, I understand the City Council wants to achieve something noble, but it’s going to be a very straightforward conversation with them about the actual money we have available and how far it will reach,” de Blasio said.

He said the plan for half-priced Metro Cards is not viable with city resources.  The mayor said they need a new revenue stream that provides long-term funding for the MTA.

“I think the millionaire’s tax is the best one, but there are several others on the table. I think that’s how you should fund the Fair Fare as well, with one of those bigger funding mechanisms,” de Blasio said.

It costs $2.75 to ride the subways and buses.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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