200-Year-Old Staten Island Tavern Damaged in Car Accident

The historic Guyon Tavern in Staten Island's Richmond Town section was damaged Monday evening when an elderly man drove his SUV into the front of the building. 

The 19th-century construction suffered structural damage to its facade, which left a room exposed to the elements.

Police reports indicate that a 73-year-old man slammed his Range Rover into a parked car before careening into the building.

EMT's took the driver of the SUV to Staten Island University Hospital North where he was treated for a minor leg injury. Police said no charges have been filed against the driver.

Currently, the Guyon Tavern is mainly used as a music venue that offers up authentic 19th-century music while patrons indulge in beverages delivered by period-authentic servers. The structure was built in 1819 and is still heated with a potbelly stove and lit by candlelight.

The Executive Director of Historic Richmond Town Ken Bach said the tavern was empty at the time of the crash with the last concert of the season taking place on March 31st. 

Bach also noted that the community and staff of the tavern are feeling a great sense of loss, but they hope that the damaged section of the building can be replaced without diminishing the authentic look and feel of the nearly 200-year-old building.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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