Subway Rider Lights Blunt, Passes It Around to Commuters

A morning commuter decided to greet the start of a new work week by firing up a ‘blunt' on a crowded subway train.

Witnesses say a smiling man took a seat on a Manhattan-bound Harlem train, pulled out the marijuana stuffed cigar from his pocket and lit it up.

As riders began to complain about the smoke, the wake-and-baker offered to pass the green, "Everybody take a pull. Everybody get some good weed!"

After several other passengers took a hit off the pot-laced cigar, it was passed back to its owner who smiled and said, "I got the train lit! Only in New York! Only in Harlem!"

The identity of the man and the train line the smoke-fest took place on remains a mystery.

It doesn't appear police were called.

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Video contains adult language

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