Man With Cigarette Ducks Beneath Moving Subway, Walks Away

Bystanders thought an unidentified man was a goner when he jumped onto the subway tracks as a B train arrived at its stop.

The man later stuck his arm up through the space between the train and platform, cigarette in hand, to wave to the terrified onlookers. 

Witnesses say the man appeared to be intoxicated, reports NBC News

The man later climbed back out of the tracks and skirted by responding FDNY firefighters. 

A man who posted the footage to Instagram, Shon Mogharabi, told the New York Post he was sure the man had been struck by the train.

As FDNY tried to question the man, he did a jig and continued walking away.

The man was later taken to Bellevue Hospital but not arrested.

Watch the bizarre video below.

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