Serial Killer Has Better Health Insurance Than You

The next time you are scrimping and saving so you can afford the medications you need survive remember this, the serial killer known as "The Son Of Sam" just had his second heart surgery to make sure he survives to serve his life sentence.

David Berkowitz, the madman murder who killed 6 people in NYC in the mid-seventies because a demonically possessed dog told him to do it has better health care than most non-serial killer, run of the mill, law-abiding folks.

Berkowitz first went under the knife at Albany Medical Center last December when his medical team found that the mass murderer was having trouble with his ticker. The second procedure occurred January 21 to help improve the "Son Of Sam's" blood clotting and leg circulation issues.

Berkowitz's lawyer said David is very optimistic about his current health situation and he believes God is watching over him.

Berkowitz who became a born-again Christian after being found guilty of murdering 6 people now refers to himself as "The Son Of Hope."

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