Woman With Service Peacock Not Allowed on Flight

A woman was turned away by officials at Newark Airport after trying to board a United Airlines flight with an emotional support peacock.

Video shows the woman pushing her luggage through the airport while the peacock is perched on her shoulder.

“I’m not kidding.  This woman is wrangling her peacock into the airport.  Right now, wrangling a peacock in the airport,” a woman is heard saying on the video.

“It’s an emotional support animal,” a second woman is heard saying.

The woman is a performance artist known as Ventiko and her peacock is named Dexter.  They were trying to fly to Los Angeles on Sunday, but weren’t allowed to board the plane.

United Airlines said the bird didn’t meet their guidelines and Ventiko was told this before she arrived at the airport.  On an Instagram profile for Dexter the Peacock, it’s claimed that Ventiko and Dexter spent 6 hours trying to get onto their flight.  They said they followed all required protocol.

“Tomorrow my human friends are going to drive me cross country!” it said in the Instagram post.

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