State Law Lets Killer Truck Driver Off With A Misdemeanor

A ridicules NY state law has allowed truck-driver Phillip Monfoletto to avoid felony charges even after he struck and killed a 13-year-old boy while driving with a suspended license last week.

NY state law says drivers who have had their license suspended under 10 times can only be charged with misdemeanors.  Monfoletto's license has been suspended 5 times.

Monfoletto who drives for M&M Oil has a driving record that makes you wonder who in their right mind would employ a guy like this.Besides mowing down and killing Kevin Flores this past Friday in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn his record is littered with other driving offenses.

Monfoletto was arrested in Queens for second-degree assault and driving without a license in July of 2017, a month and a half later he was arrested for driving without a license and pot possession on Long Island and in 2014 Mr. Monfoletto was arrested for driving without a license twice. And to make matters even worse Monfoletto bragged about his illegal road shenanigans on social media. Last year his Facebook page allegedly showed a man driving with one foot on the steering wheel and another foot in the air with a caption that read "How can u drive knowin yo license suspended."

A GoFundMe page set up for Kevin Flores by his neighborhood friends and classmates has raised more than $10,000 dollars.

Safe Streets advocate Joanna Smith said habitual reckless drivers need to be punished no matter the number of infractions.

Democratic State Senator Mike Giamaris from Queens said he hopes the brazenness of Monfoletto's mockery of the law on social media will prompt officials to make changes in the law.

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