Lawsuit Filed Against Cop And The Horse He Rode In On

Judith Solomon drove from Wilkes Barres PA with her family to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree in December of 2016.

While her family was posing for photos, a Mounted Police Officer and his trusty stead "Madison" clopped up and stood next to the family.

Some of the Solomon family turned to ask the officer about the horse but Judith continued to click photos of the tree. Suddenly "Madison" the police horse lunged and bit Judith on the left arm. 

When family members told the officer about the attack the mounted officer refused to help the family and trotted away.

 The Solomon family claims they went to an NYPD substation to report the incident but were turned away.

Ms. Solomon finally was given medical attention when a witness to the incident gave her alcohol wipes and an ice pack for her wound.

The Solomon's are suing the NYPD and the city for unspecified damages.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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