Snow Heading for New York Tuesday into Wednesday

More wintry weather is heading to New York Tuesday and Wednesday. 

The region is expected to see cloudy skies with some snow possible Tuesday afternoon, especially north and west of the city.  

Highs Tuesday are expected to be in the mid 30s, which would make it more difficult for the snow to stick initially.

The situation will get more complicated on Wednesday. 

Snow and possible freezing rain will hit the rest of the Tri-State area overnight, with 1-3 inches possible in the city, and along the coast.

More snow, 3-5 inches, is possible north and west of the city, including the North Shore of Long Island. 

Low temperatures will drop to freezing or below on Wednesday, allowing any snow to stick. The majority of snow will fall in the evening and overnight hours. 

Snow will fall Wednesday morning, but will end by mid-day. There will be sunshine in the afternoon and temperatures rising above freezing.  

Photo: Getty Images

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