NYC Crime Falls to Lowest Level in Half a Century

Crime in New York City continues to fall, with last month being called the “safest November in recorded history.”

Murders were down 20 percent in November compared to a year earlier, while shootings were down 26 percent.  For the year, overall crime is down more than five percent.

“If these trends continue through this month, the people in this city will have had the safest year on record in over half a century. That’s the trajectory we’re on right now,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

Despite overall crime falling in New York City, the number of reported rapes was up 16 percent.  The mayor said that may be due to attention on high-profile sexual misconduct cases.  The NYPD said some of the alleged rapes happened before 2017 but are being reported now.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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