Man Hails Cab While Woman Burns In Fiery Crash

An awful tragic and very odd scene happened on the Gowanus Expressway when a vehicle crashed and caught fire. Somehow 23-year-old Saeed Ahmed, got out almost unscathed, but a woman in the car, 25-year-old Harleen Grewal did not get out. Ahmed was seen walking on the expressway, and then hailing a cab, while the car with Grewal in it burned out of control. He was later found at a Brooklyn Hospital, and originally identified as dating Grewal. That wasn't the case as Grewal's real boyfriend has come forward. He's obviously distraught, but while Ahmed is facing multiple major charges for leaving the scene and vehicular homicide, he's not mad at him. More details will certainly come out, but this is a very strange and sad story. 


Here's more from her real Boyfriend and his thoughts on what happened.



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