Man Stops Fashion Show & Runs Onstage, Girlfriend Sees Him Get Down On Knee

posted by Mauricio Castillo -

Usually, wearing a wedding dress comes after a marriage proposal, right? Well, for 24-year-old Tara Blundred, tradition got pretty much thrown right out the window!

In the video below, Tara was modeling gowns at a fashion show for wedding dresses.

Her friend was recording the show, but little did Tara know that her friend was in on a very big surprise — one that her boyfriend, Martin Millard, had planned just for that day!

So while Tara walked the stage with her fellow models all decked out in wedding dresses, Martin stood by watching and waiting for the opportune moment.

When the video begins, Tara and the others were onstage, performing.

Suddenly, Martin approached.

Just as Tara turned around to head back to the dressing room, Martin stepped up to the stage and yelled her name.

Tara did not turn back.

He continued to yell, along with her friend behind the camera, but Tara headed towards backstage.

Finally, Martin decided to take matters into his own hands.

He ran onto the stage after her.

Martin grabbed her arm and turned her around, pulling her back toward centerstage.

Visibly confused, she hoisted up the skirt of her dress and followed him.

Check out what happened when Martin took Tara’s hand in the video below, and please SHARE it on Facebook!

Photo: Little Things


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