Sex Museum Visitor Suffers Broken Nose and Cracked Teeth

Melanie Abramov cracked her teeth, broke her nose, and suffered a bloody lip after taking a spill at the Museum of Sex.

The 35-year old woman and a group of friends entered the bouncy house portion of the Sex Museum, which is made up of plastic inflated woman's breasts, and began jumping around and taking pictures.

As the friends bounced from breast to breast, Ms. Abramov momentarily disappeared from view. Two of the woman's friends found her stretched out,bleeding from her face after she landed on a hard spot underneath the bouncy boob room.

Ms. Abramov was rushed to the hospital where she was fitted with dental implants and had her nose reset.

Ms. Abramov and her attorney are seeking unspecified damages in the lawsuit filed against the Museum of Sex and the artist who developed the inflated room of boobs.

An unidentified source alleged that the bouncy room has been shut down twice before for repairs.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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