Alec Baldwin Dressed as Donald Trump Drops by Monmouth University

It's a pol! It's POTUS! It's...Alec Baldwin?

Students and staff at Monmouth University were aghast Thursday afternoon upon seeing Alec Baldwin dressed in full Donald Trump costume outside the college's library with what appeared to be a security team, reports

"Baldwin was in full Trump attire," student Richard Felicetti told "Onlookers stood in the library parking lot and lawn as Trump exited the library, walked down the stairs and had a conversation with who I'm assuming was his faux security team."

Baldwin's spot-on impression of the President as a guest cast-member on Saturday Night Live gave the show a renewed relevance in its last two seasons.

Onlookers say the actor appeared to be posing for promotional photos at the university's Wilson Hall and Murry Guggenheim Library. 

He did not pose with any students, but waved on his way out, reports say.

Photo: Getty Images

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