At Least Six Dead, 30 Wounded In London Terror Rampage

Police say three suspected attackers are dead along with six victims as a result of suspected terrorists attacks.  Inspectors with Scotland Yard describe it as a "protracted event" that started on the London Bridge, when at least one driver mowed down a number of people.  Then as many as three men exited the vehicle and began stabbing innocent bystanders at random. 

There were multiple eyewitness accounts that at least one of the attackers had some sort of explosive device strapped to his body.  Soon after that, there were stabbings reported at a nearby market.  Police say three of the attackers were shot and killed by officers at the market.

At least 30 people are being treated at six local hospitals for various wounds, including one police officer.  Scotland Yard says there may be more victims unaccounted for. Police added that there may be possible suspects still at large. 

The UK police department tweeted a "hide, run and tell" photo, advising people to run to a place of safety and to barricade themselves if possible.  

President Trump has been briefed on an incident on the London Bridge.  White House spokesman Sean Spicer added that Trump was informed by the national security team. 

In a tweet, Trump called for a travel ban following the incidents in downtown London. 

British Prime Minister Theresa May says the  incident is being investigated as a "potential act of terrorism."  Downing Street says May will lead a meeting of the government's Cobra emergency committee Sunday.  She is in contact with officials and is being updated on the situation. 

The incident comes just one day before Ariana Grande's "One Love" benefit concert for those affected by the bombing at her concert in Manchester.  

Photo: Getty Images

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