Port Authority Cops Collect Big Money From Toll Cheats

Mambo Transportation based out of Jersey City, NJ has some explaining to do at the Port Authority.

Mr. Jose Ramirez, owner of the trucking company has allegedly cheated the bridge and tunnel folks out of $308,600 dollars in unpaid EZ Pass charges.

The Port Authority Police arrested Mr. Ramirez when he showed up at the Lincoln Tunnel to pick up an impounded truck.

While Mr. Ramirez's 3,250 violations are impressive, it's nowhere near the tally of the 51-year-old man who was busted in January. That unidentified toll cheat owes the Port Authority $644,804 dollars in fines and tolls.

Another trucking company paid over 1 million bucks in tolls and fines earlier this year.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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